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Welcome to this site. Here you will find info material about the
teachings and philosophy of the Hare Krishna Movement -
ISKCON - International Society for Krishna Consciousness,
Founder and Acharya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
Here you will find not only everything about the teachings and
philosophy of Hare Krishna but also critical material about the
sects bogus gurus and their delinquency.

      Krishna Consciousness

Everybody is looking for KRISHNA - Georg Harrison
How to see God
Bhakti yoga - the science of self-realization
Chanting the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra [Japa Mala]
The Lotus Feet of Lord Nityananda
Bhismadeva's Instructions
The Erotic Principle And Unalloyed Devotion under the direction of Bhaktisiddhanta
Hare Krishna FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Srila Prabhupada with Professor Karlfried Graf Dürckheim - German Spiritual Writer
Conversation with Father Emmanuel and Cardinal Danielou
You do love your Dog, but where Is Your Love For God?

      Christ Consciousness - Allah - Quran - Hinduismus -

Paul Mc Cartney Slams Dalai Lama over meat eating

Jesus - the Son of Christ   
From Christ To Chrishna
Christianity as viewed by Srila Prabhupada
Krishna meets Jesus  (Google-Books - engl.)
The Hidden Treasure of Al-Quran
Allah The Most Beautiful Person
The Color of Krishna and Allah
Srila Prabhupada on ISLAM
The Most Beautiful (99) Names of Allah
Vegetarianism in Islam
البُراق‎  - Al-Burāq - the mythological steed of Muhammad
Shri Chaitanya And The Koran
Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the Muslim Chand Kazi
The Story of Haridasa Thakur and Ramachandra Khan
The conception of God as per Islam Al-Quran and Vedic Scriptures
The Prison of Religion And the Freedom in Vedic Culture
What is the best Religion?
aham-brahmasmi - I am not this body - I am spirit soul
Why We Dont Eat Meat
Reverend Norman Moorhouse about Krishna Consciousness

      Transcendental Stories, Tales and Articles  (with Photos)

Hanuman - the Personification of Servitorship
Mother Yasoda binds Krishna
Radha talking to the bumblebee
The lotusfeet of Sri Radhika are my only treasure
Narration of the Rasa Lila Dance
Autumn in Vrindavan
- the flute beeing kissed by Krishnas lips
Stealing the Garments of the Unmarried Gopi Girls
Salvation of Trinavarta - the whirlwind demon
The prayers of Queen Kunti  
The Story of Sakshi Gopala
The Beauty of the Soul
Lord Kṛṣṇa is Charmed by His Own Reflection
How to cheat Death - The Story of Garuda, the carrier of Lord Visnu
Brahma's Prayer To Lord Sri Krishna
Chariot of the Sun God   
Usha - the goddes of dawn
Sri Jagannatha - Lord of the Universe
Lord Chaitanya's Pastimes in Jagannatha Puri
Nimai and Murari pandit pastime - Nimai pees on Muraris eating plate - NEW -
Gajendra moksana - The Liberation of Gajendra 
The Story of Lord Nrisimhadeva
Garuda's 7 Questions
Jatayu - the king of vultures slain by Ravana
Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi
Sri Radha: The Feminine Aspect of the Divine
Sri Sri Radha Krishna Pastimes
Jambavan and the Story of the Syamantaka Jewel
Sudarshana Chakra - the discus of the lord

      Srila Prabhupada

Message of His Divine Grace
Back To Godhead
VyasaPuja Offering 2008 by Atmavidya das
Srila Prabhupada Photos - Pictures  beautiful Prabhupada Photos
Srila Prabhupada Stotram
Srila Prabhupadas Beautiful Transcendental Qualities
Guru - parampara biographies
The ISKCON and Gaudiya Math Parampara
Srila Prabhupadas view on christianity
Vaishnava Saints
Women Saints in Gaudiya Vaishnavism
Who is Guru - Qualifications of the Spiritual Master
A Brief Expose of the Rubber-stamped Spiritual Master
The Universal Conception of Sri Guru - The Universal Teacher
GBC declares Srila Prabhupadas letter of July 9th as "an extreme deviation"
Please The Genuine Sad Guru -- Moroseness Immediately Disapears!

The living Guru "physical spiritual master" and the process of diksa initiation
Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance From Our Material Vision - NEW -

      Mantra - Tantra - Yanta - Kundalini - Prayers

Prasadam Prayer - Honouring the Lords's Prasada
Temple Mantras and Prayers
Temple Mantra Guide
Tulasi Mantras
Applying Tilak
Songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas
The Govindam Prayers Brahma-Samhita
Bhaja Govindam - Bhaja Govindam - A Hymn to Krishna
Shankara's meditation on Bhagavad-Gita
Sri Govinda Damodara Stotra by Bilvamangala Thakura
Krishna-Karnamrita by Bilvamangala Thakura
Vedic Vaishnava Calendar Version 4.01
athato brahma jijnasa - Inquiring about the truth
Sri Pancha Tattva - The Lord in Five Features
Madhurastakam - The Sweetness of Lord Krishna
Krishnastakam - by Sripad Vallabha-acharya -
Krishnastakam - different version
Damodarastakam Prayer to Lord Damodara  
Śrī Kṛṣṇa's moonlike face
12-names_caitanya_v1.html - The 12 Names of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
108chaitanya.htm - The 108 Names of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Sri Rama Nama  - The 108 Names of Lord Rama
Sri Krishna Stotra - The 108 Names of Lord Krishna
Sri Radhika Stotra - The 108 Names of Radharani
Radha-Krishna-Pranati - Prayers to Radha Krishna
Sri Gauranga Stotra - The 108 Names of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
The 1000 Names of Śrī Rāma - Śrī Rāma Sahasranāma Stotram (translit.)
Shiva-Stotra      - The 108 Names of Lord Shiva
Shiva-Sahasranama - The 1000 Names of Lord Shiva
Sri Radha Sahasra Nama - The 1000 Names of Radharani
Hanuman Chalisa - with Hanuman Photos
Gajendra-Moksa - Gajendra's Prayers of Surrender
Sri Radhikastakam - Eight prayers Glorifying Sri Radhika
Sri Siksastakam - Eight Instructions of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
Sri Jagannathastakam
Ganapati Stotra - The auspicious Names of Ganesha
Shiva Mahimna Stotra - Hymn to the Glory of Lord Shiva
Shiva-Pancha-Akshara-Stotra - The five-syllabled Shiva Mantra
Sri Bala-Mukunda-Astakam Balamukundan
SURYA NAMASKARA - Prayers to the Sun-God
The 12 Names of Surya { the Sun God }
The twelve Sun-gods (12 Adityas) and their associates
Aditya Hridayam - Surya Mantra chanted by Lord Rama to defeat Ravana
Acyutastakam - Eight Prayers in glorification of Lord Acyuta

Nārāyaṇa-kavaca - The mystic armor of Nārāyaṇa
Variety of Planetary Systems
Easy Journey To Other Planets
The anti-material World
Gopi-Gita  - the gopi's search for Sri Krishna

Krishna’s Hiding from the Gopis
The Indescribable Beauty of Srimati Radharani
Sri Gandharva Samprarthanastakam - Prayers to the Queen of Goddesses
Asta-kaliya-nitya-lila Radha Krishna's eternal eightfold daily pastimes  
The Nectar of the Lotus of Love Premambhoja-maranda-stava-raja  
Radha Krishna's Flower Adornment (Phulsajjya) dressed in Lotuspetal
Sri-Chaitanya-Chandramrita - The Nectar Moon of Sri Chaitanya
The Splendid Flower Pastimes of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna
Radha and Krishna Dressed in Each Other's Clothes  
The Nectar Moon of Sri Radha's Sweetness
Utkalika-vallari - The Vine of Longings
Mukta Carita - The Pearl Story
Sri Rupa-cintamani The Cintamani Jewel of Beauty
The Autumn And The Flute by Srila Sanatana Goswami
Krsnadevastakam by Srila Jiva Gosvami
Keshavastakam by Srila Rupa Goswami
The Divine Lotus Flower
The Sublime Essence of the Lotus Feet
Sri Vraja-vilasa-stava  Pastimes in Vraja
Venu Harana - Theft of the Flute from Sri Vidagdha-Madhava
Radha Kunda - the sacred bathing place of Srimati Radharani
SRI RADHA KUNDA ASTAKA Eight Prayers Glorifying Radhakunda
Radha-kripa-kataksha-stava-raja - Radha's Merciful Sidelong Glance
Krishna as Vatapathra-Shayee, lying on a banyan leaf, sucking his toe
Women Saints in Gaudiya Vaishnavism
Kamadhenu - the wish fulfilling divine cow
Gopala Vimsati - Twenty beautiful Verses on Gopala
Indra Nila Mani Manjula - His complexion is as splendid as blue sapphires
Yasoda's Vision of the Universal Form
Nava-Durgā - The nine forms of Goddess Durgā
The Gopīs worship Goddess Kātyānanī
Maya-Shakti = The Lords Power of Illusion


      ISKCON Guru Reform - critical analysis -

Bhakti Charu
Cheating Swami
Satsvarupa das Gosvami and his sex Novel 'SANATORIUM'  
X-rated, has sexual descriptions, do not read

Photos and Pictures of bogus Iskcon Gurus
The Iskcon History Page
The siddha pranali business and the spiritual form of the soul   - NEW -
Srila Prabhupada's Statements on the "Higher Thing" by Hansadutta das

Mother Narahari kicked out of the Temple Simhachalam after 27 years of dedicated service

An open letter to Prithu das - from his former disciple

On Leaving ISKCON - Subhananda das
Why I am Leaving ISKCON - Caitanya dasa

Broken Hearts
How I Came To Krishna Consciousness


Sri_Radha_Sahasra_Nama.pdf - (200 BK pdf) download with your right mouse button: save as
madhurastakam.pdf  (PDF Datei, 240 KB)
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krishnastakam.pdf  (PDF Datei, 220 KB)
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Brahma-Samhita-Complete.pdf  (PDF Datei, 1,2 MB)
Govindam-Prayers.pdf  (PDF Datei, 500 KB)

The Hare Krishna Cook Book 1973 (PDF Datei, 5,92 MB, English) - (66 KB) Devanagari converter with Devanagari font - (36 KB) X-Fonts keyboard driver for Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME - (841 KB) X-Fonts (Sanskrit Transliteration fonts) - (195 KB) Vedic Vaishnava Calendar - (188 KB eng.) questionable revisions of Prabhupada's books (Windows Screen-Saver) (Windows Screen-Saver) - (58 MB) DOS-Vedabase SP complete books (Modem-download = 5 hrs)

Damodarastakam.mp3  (9,6 MB)
Nrisinga-Kirtan.mp3 (9,6 MB)
nrisimhastuti.mp3  (3,6 MB)
nrisimhashtakam.mp3  (1,2 MB)
narasimhastotram.mp3  (2,3 MB)
narasimhakavacham.mp3  (2,2 MB)

nrisimhapancamritastotram.mp3  (1,2 MB)

Srila Prabhupada's Original english books
Srila Prabhupadas Original pre 1978 Books - free Download
Srila Prabhupada's original 3 Vol. Srimad Bhagwatam - free Download

Srila Prabhupada's original books, audio, photos, lectures, pictures here: - free Download

English Songs
Songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas


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